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Making every diagnostic test count

Our mission

We enable safe and easy access to diagnostic testing and professional guidance, empowering individuals to improve their health


70% of all decisions regarding a patient’s diagnosis and treatment are based on lab data

Clinical Expertise

50-State Physician Network
50-State Genetic Counselor Network Patient Support Center

Broad-Based Partnerships

Access to 4,400 Test Centers
Leading National & Genetic Labs
Multiple Sample-Collection Options

Leading Technology

3 Easy Steps to Connect
Cloud-Based Platform
HIPAA Compliant and Secure

By increasing medically appropriate access to testing and by turning test results into action, we partner with:

  • Employer wellness & screening programs
  • Closing Gaps in Care for Stars and Hedis Measures
  • Consumer initiated testing & diagnostic efforts
  • Care interventions related to test results

Today’s complex environment demands a multifaceted response to improve outcomes


Improve outcomes via effective screening programs that connect participants to care.


Reduce costs by leveraging our virtual care model to ensure follow-up with in-network providers.


Elevate customer experience through fast, easy and private access to testing and post-test treatment and counseling.


Educate with complete and accurate knowledge both before and after testing.

Make it easier with user-friendly, configurable solutions


Leadership Team

Bill Paquin

Executive Vice President

Doug Elwood, MD

Chief Medical Officer

Ale Thome

SVP, Product and Technology

Kirsten Cullen

VP, Operations

Elizabeth Kearney

VP, Genetics

Cathy Capeless

General Counsel

Daniel Laroue

SVP, Finance

Board of Directors

Mike Gaffney

EDG Partners

J.T. Mauk

Kingfish Group

Michael Quilty

Surrey Capital

Vicki DiFrancesco

Pathology, Inc

Dr. Jordan Shlain

Private Medical

Sanjay Pingle


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